Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First haircut

You know you need a hair cut when you start looking like one of the angry birds

You know you have to get your kid’s hair cut when you can do this with it.  Yowsers!  So on Tanner’s six month birthday, we decided to do it ourselves.  I’ve never cut hair before...so it was quite the experience.  But we all got through it and had some bright red hair for Tanner’s keepsake book.

My little rock star, before the hair cut.  I'm not showing you the "after" because it didn't turn out so well.  Yikes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I’ve been MIA lately because I’ve been so involved in decorating the new dental clinic that Brent’s dad is opening.  (Well, it’s actually sort of an addition to the current clinic)  Natalie Copeland and I were sort of “hired” by Brent’s dad to be in charge of the interior design.  The name of the clinic is “Community Dental”.  So Natalie and I decided that we would go along with the whole community theme and focus on the people and the agriculture in Sunnyside.   So far we’ve painted a giant grape vine on both sides of the lobby (we’ve added leaves to the grapevine--pics are coming soon).  We’ve also taken pictures of kids in the community, and we’ll put the pictures in these really cool barn wood frames.  I’ll document our progress as we get further.  It’s been nice tapping into our creative sides, and we feel it’s going to look really great.  But it’s also been very time consuming.  I feel bad for Tanner...he’s probably feeling neglected.


Other side
Still more work to be done.  But it's a start.  Decorating a huge dental office is actually a lot of work.  Wish us luck.