Saturday, June 1, 2013


I'm ready for my close up.
Here is a photo montage of our trip to California.  Not much to talk about really.  I'm sure you can imagine what it's like to cram in all of this in one week with three small children: Disneyland, Legoland (twice), Family pictures on the beach, visit cousins, play in the sand all day, and then clean sand out of a rental house on the beach that will charge you an extra fee if there is extra sand on their floors.  Which I don't get...You're a beach house for crying out loud.  Beach houses get sandy.  So yes...a lot to cram in.  I'm already exhausted and haven't even posted the pictures yet.  Here goes...

Lilly's favorite spot.  She did NOT like the ocean.
We even tried putting her in a kiddie pool by the ocean.  You can see how she felt about that.
Tanner on the other hand is a fish.

And Daisy?  Well she just liked sitting on her potty (which she affectionately called "My Crap"--or my crab.  It was actually a pink frog potty, but she thought it looked more like a crab.  We found it in the garage of the rental house.  How gross is that?
Here's another picture of her clothed.  Yes her eyes are really that blue. Wowzahs!
I got lazy...and life got ahead of me.  So a year later, I just made a photo book of all our adventures.  You can view that photobook right here to get the full experience:

Click here to view this photo book larger
Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.