Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly Tanner pics: 'cause I'm a new parent

Where's Tanner?  It's an optical illusion.

So these pictures are taken a while back when I (Erin) was staying with my parents while Brent moved our stuff cross country.  I didn’t have my computer then to update these photos.  But I took some pretty fun photos of Tanner.  He was 3 months old at the time and just learning how to discover the world around him.  Enjoy

This one is actually taken at Katie's and Gary's after we arrived in Sunnyside.  Katie stole Tanner away when I wasn't looking and posed him "E.T" style amongst the stuffed animals.

Tanner has this weird obsession about putting material of any kind over his face and acting like he can’t breathe.  This red scarf that my friend Linda gave me is perfect for him.  He can still breathe through it b/c it’s sheer.  Thanks Linda!

Tanner and his little music set that Linda gave him.  That’s a real drum and drum mallet.  Isn’t it cute?  Tanner loves it so much.  I have to carry it around everywhere with us.  Thanks again Linda!

Tanner getting sucked down into the bean bag chair.  Probably not a good chair for him to be in at this point...

I hated having Tanner laying down all the time, so I bought him one of those “exersaucers” from Target.  The one I picked out seemed like it had enough stuff for him to keep entertained so I could unpack and organize our tiny  little house.  After I spent more time than necessary putting it all together, I stepped back to inspect my work.  Looking at it gave me a headache because there was way too much going on.  Too many colors and gadgets to deal with.  Apparently Tanner feels the same way, because all he wants to play with on the exersaucer is a little tag that is attached to one of the toys.  Go figure...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Things our kid can do

I think it’s every parent’s right to brag about their kids.  We are having so much fun watching Tanner grow and develop.  Here are a few fun pictures I took of him one early morning when he wouldn’t go back to sleep.  He’s only 4 months old and is almost sitting and standing.  In fact, he’d rather just stand all day long as someone is helping him.  Oh and just ignore his crazy hair...he needs a bath.

Welcome to the Farm

Here we are in Washington.  Yes...we live on a farm.  I (Erin), the big city girl, have never really been to a farm, come to think of it.  Right now we are renting a lovely peach colored double-wide house that was previously bright blue--thanks to the influence of our previous latino owners.   Oh yeah, and the other day our neighbor’s cow died.  She was all bloated with her feet sticking up in the air for almost three days!  Nice house warming gift, eh?  Oh boy this might take some getting used to.  Duke and Lola (our dogs), love it.  Lola (pictured above), loves the pond and searching for little critters in the vineyard that Brent’s dad owns.   

We went to IKEA in Portland because we needed major help with organizing our tiny little home.  Here’s what the truck looked like after we loaded everything. 

This one’s for you, Lisa!  On our way to Portland, we passed a street called “LaRue” Street.  So I had to take this for you! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Never Again!

I (Brent) drove from florida to washington with a good friend Jeff Tobler.  We drove pretty much non stop to Denver the first day except for an hour stop in Colby, KS to see my brother who is on a mission there.  Then stopped in Lehi and stayed with Erin’s parents before we finished the drive to Washington.  

We saw lots of cool things but I never want to do it again.