Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to the Farm

Here we are in Washington.  Yes...we live on a farm.  I (Erin), the big city girl, have never really been to a farm, come to think of it.  Right now we are renting a lovely peach colored double-wide house that was previously bright blue--thanks to the influence of our previous latino owners.   Oh yeah, and the other day our neighbor’s cow died.  She was all bloated with her feet sticking up in the air for almost three days!  Nice house warming gift, eh?  Oh boy this might take some getting used to.  Duke and Lola (our dogs), love it.  Lola (pictured above), loves the pond and searching for little critters in the vineyard that Brent’s dad owns.   

We went to IKEA in Portland because we needed major help with organizing our tiny little home.  Here’s what the truck looked like after we loaded everything. 

This one’s for you, Lisa!  On our way to Portland, we passed a street called “LaRue” Street.  So I had to take this for you! 

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