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Frozen Party...or as the kids called it; the "Let it Go" Party

The Cake Table.  Yep...we go all out.
Looks like I'm not doing the greatest job at updating our family blog.  But that's okay.  In my defense, I've been founding a Charter School here in Sunnyside since July 2013.  It's a full time job in and of itself...I'll expand more on that someday when we get approved.  Or you can just go to our website and check it out if you're at all remotely interested: .

And also...I'm pregnant.  Yup.  Due in about 2 months.  Again, more on that another day...But for now, we are going to celebrate all things Lilly and Daisy with a combined birthday party "FROZEN" style.

The Frozen invite.  One of my favorite invitations I've designed so far. LOVE!!!!
We decided to combine the girls' birthdays this year because---well, Imma gonna be poppin' out a kid here soon.  And come Daisy's actual birthday in June, I won't be feelin' up to climbing ladders and decorating all fancy.  So I thought I'd just get it ALL out of the way.  Plus, Frozen themes are sweeping the nation these days.  I figured I had better get on board with this Elsa/Anna stuff before it got TOO old--am I right?????  So here goes:

So the invitation: Designed by moi!  I based it off of a few invitations from Etsy.  But, since I am kind of a graphic designer by trade, I decided to save a buck or two and do it myself.

Then we decided on the decor and food.  Whew!  I am glad I had my trusty friend Michelle around to help...cuz, she did most of the decorating and follow through.  Hey, at this point I am just a big waddling mess, who's pretty much useless.  So I owe it all to Michelle.  Here are some pics of the whole process:

This is before we decorated.  I went on a shopping spree to all the craft stores in the area.  Think I got enough?
What a mess!
I had my mom cut some vinyl wall art for me (  I just sent her the images I wanted and she cut them on her fancy machine and sent them back.  It took like three days to stick it all to my walls though.  I think we are going to leave it up till Christmas to get good use out of it, you know what I mean?!?! I'm just not really caring if my dining room looks like Elsa's wonderland at this point in time. Just gonna focus on growing a kid in my belly from here on out--oh yeah, and opening a charter school.

A little peak at the vinyl wonderland that is emerging.
Hello, Olaf!!!  Also, that tree has little crystal diamonds on it.  Just one of the many small touches to the party.
Oh, well now that's cute...

Another wall with more vinyl.  I love the quote.  So fitting for Lilly and Daisy
Party Favors:  I didn't want to burden ourselves with too many activities or things to do.  Just wanted to have some food, watch the movie, open presents, have cake, then go home with a cool party favor.  I looked on Pinterest and got the idea of the Frozen little golden books.  So that's what we gave out.  Super simple (not that cheap), but super cute:

The favors: Little golden books "Frozen" and some stickers wrapped in dollar store plastic tissue paper, and tied up with pipe cleaners and a Frozen ring.

Let's pause for a sec and and talk about a few things:

Like this cutie bug for one.  She just turned 4.  And this is Queen Lilly for a day at her preschool.  (Picture is blurry cuz she is too quick for my iphone to capture her).  But, she gets to be treated like a queen for a day at her preschool, when it's her birthday.  So fun.  And here's a video of her class singing happy birthday to her.  And, Holy Moly she is cute lip syncing along.

Then the very next day, we got to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!  How cool is that?!?!  Not very many people realize that Lilly--who was born with Down Syndrome--was born one day before World Down Syndrome day. March 21st = 3/21.  Get it?????? People with Down Syndrome have 3 copies of the chromosome 21.  Pretty creative, I think. celebrate, you wear socks.  Just rockin' some socks in any way you want.  Don't know why, but that's what the world does to celebrate.  We like to layer colorful socks.  So that's what we did. And for 3/21, I made Lilly a special snack for school with 21 pretzel sticks and 3 blueberries in her yogurt. (gluten-free and dairy-free, mind you) along with a mini gluten-free chocolate cake...just for fun. I like to celebrate with food whenever I can.

World Down Syndrome day was Friday.  And the day after that was the girls' combined party.  And this is how it looked:

Rear View
Side View

And a view with the birthday girls.  Daisy is posing for the camera.
By the way...those super cute outfits they are wearing can be found on Etsy.  Love them! Love them! Love them!  And, Jen, the lady who makes these is super awesome to work with.  Go on her site and buy some.  She has a whole bunch of different princess outfits--all handmade!  Here's the link: Ross and Rosie Designs .  Go there now!!!!!!!  You will die from all the darling-ness.

And we're hugging again.
The entryway.  We put the trees there so those nosy kids couldn't go upstairs and get lost.  But yeah, kids are smarter than you think.  That's where all of them wanted to be, and they found a way to get through those branches.
Another view of the entryway. Both girls had their pictures and little paper lanterns that represented their character from the movie.
The fireplace next to the TV.  Yes we find all kinds of places to add decorations.  
An arial view of the food table.

We had "Frozen" hot chocolate.  No one liked it...maybe cuz it was dairy free.  Not a lot of people like  dairy free foods...and kids are the first to detect these things.  You can't fool them. And frankly, I don't blame them either.  Also...that is not me in the background.  That is another pregnant lady, who happens to be pregnant with twins.  And guess what?  I am most definitely BIGGER than her already.  Not to mention a week behind her and only carrying one baby.  Whatevs...  This is why you aren't seeing pictures of me.  I am beyond huge.  Like a giant stuffed pimento olive on-a-toothpick kind of huge.  It doesn't look right.

And marshmallow men straws to dip in the hot chocolate???  We just thought it was cute, had to use it somehow.
More marshmallow goodies.  I came up with this idea.  I Just spray painted them in food coloring and then dipped them in sprinkles.  Yums!
And the blue jello is Kristoff's Ice.  Sort of pathetic ice, really.  It didn't turn out quite as I expected.  Ah well. But hey, Kristoff is the official ice deliverer; Queen's you can't complain about the ice now!
Sandwiches.  Cuz "we finish each other's...sandwiches"  And sandwiches are obviously Hans's favorite food, am I right?
The party:  The kiddos million little tiny people running around all over the friggin' place. It was like trying not to step on ants.  Sheesh.  But here's some pictures of the festivities below:

As the kiddos arrived, we turned on the movie and then over in the play area adjacent to the family room with the television...the kids could sit and make an Elsa or Anna crown, or Sven antlers.  Again, thanks to amazing helpers we were able to have these pre-cut so the kiddos could just attach jewels or stickers to their heart's content.  Here's a link to the pin from Pinterest that I found the free template from.  Just click on the picture:

Ha Ha, she's cute.  That's my Daisy.
Cute little Karson.  She's Lilly's best friend at preschool.  She is like her body guard.  Won't let anyone hurt or tease Lilly.  She is a little angel...and a cute one at that.

Tanner is over there being fitted for his antlers.  Lookin' good, son.
Num num num...That's all that pops into my mind when I see this picture.  That Daisy girl is such a hot mess.  Love her though...And it is her party, so she can be as hot of a mess as she wants to.
Cutting the Cake:  After crafts, food and a little movie watching, we made our way into the party room for some cake.  Joreen, from Bon Vino's, always does a superb job at seeing my vision, and then designs such beautiful works of art for my babies.  This year she went above and beyond the call of duty.  She made three cakes: two barbie doll cakes for each of the girls based after their character, and then a regular 3 tiered cake with cute little Olaf on top.  She is a pro!  Order cakes from her, stat!!!!  She is the shiz!  Here is the link to Bon Vino's .
Anna cake, 3 tiered cake (notice the D and the L in the design????), and Elsa cake
(sigh) Life is perfect.
After that, we opened some presents.  Which I do not want to relive...EVER!  I am so glad I don't have twins for this reason.  How do they keep track of who gets what, and who gave what to which kid???  (I don't even know if that sentence made any sense at all)  Anyway, as soon as presents were over, so was the movie and so was the party.  The kiddos left as quickly as they arrived and I was left with a house full of Frozen stuff everywhere you looked.  We are still stepping on ice crystals from tree branches and it's been over two weeks.  But was worth it.

Daddy promised to make a GoPro movie about the party.  He took video of the blowing of the candles and even strapped a camera onto Lilly's chest throughout the day.  So we will see what he comes up with.  But, I'm posting what I have so far until he's finished with the editing.  So check back soon if you want to see the live action portion of our fantastic Frozen party.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Erin! I'm not sure if you'll see this comment because I notice you haven't posted in a while! I'm searching for awesome Disney Frozen cakes online and found yours -- I'm a freelance writer for The Stir and I'm working on a slideshow featuring Frozen Disney cakes. I'm wondering if we may feature your cake as one of the slides? We'd be sure to link back to your site--or I can link back to your charter school or wherever you would prefer!

    Would you be OK with this extra publicity? I was amazed at your Frozen party you have for your daughters and would love to include the photo of your cakes and I can also include a link to the Bon Vino Bistro who baked them for you as well!

    You can view previous slideshows at The Stir here:

    I'm on a tight deadline so I'd need your permission pretty quickly, if it's OK can you let me know asap? I don't need anything else from you -- just your OK, and we'd post a photo of your cake and link back to the site of your choice.

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