Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tanner's crib

Tanner's very own bed

Gator Baby.  Thanks Rebecca for knitting it!

Yes, I know...some people could say I’m a bad parent when I haven’t bought my child a crib of his own until now.  And he’s 5 months old.  But hey, this is what I tell my husband: you try getting up 4-6 times a night, walking through a dark cold house to sit and feed the baby, then make sure he’s asleep before you trudge back through the house again only to find that right when you fall into that deep sleep, the baby is awake again and crying for you.  (And I’m not about to let my baby “cry it out” alone in his room ever---well, maybe when he’s 2!)  So, I found a simple solution to my “lack-of-sleep” problem; keep the baby in the room with you.  He starts the night out by sleeping in his pack & play, but pretty much ends up in bed with us the last half of the night.   He eats when he needs to and pretty much sleeps through the night that way.  So...I’m content with that.  And it’s not ideal for most people, but it works for us--well, me really (poor Brent, he’d like it to be different).  Anyway...enough of that.  We now have a cute crib for Tanner to at least take his daily naps in for now.  Isn’t it so adorable?  And it converts to a toddler bed and adult full size bed.  My mom made the crib set for it (even the huge canopy--she’s working on some pillows and a valance right now).  It’s a safari theme, if you can’t tell.  We’re huge gator fans, so all the stuffed toys pictured are various different alligators.  Even his auntie Rebecca knitted him a little gator toy (pictured).  He loves it! Thanks Becky! 

Like father, like son

We found the cutest little outfits for Tanner at Macys.  It’s so hard to find cute boy clothes so we took advantage of this even though we have no money...ah well.  Anyway, Brent loves Hurley and Quicksilver brand clothes.  So we had to follow in his footsteps with Tanner.  He looks so cute in his little clothes.  I also found the little argyle socks when Katie and I were picking up Tanner’s crib in Portland.

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