Saturday, September 6, 2008

The big 3-0!

Back in August (the 9th to be exact), we celebrated Brent’s 30th birthday.  We had a Wii bowling party for him in our double-wide home.  We invited a lot of friends and family to the event.  Natalie Copeland helped me plan and decorate.  She’s a great friend.  We set up the house as if it were a bowling alley called “Double-Wide Lanes”.  I made Wii characters of all the people that were invited to attend the party and put them on balloons in the house.  We even had a snack shack where Natalie and I would serve people “bowling 4 bacon” burgers or “spicy wiings”.  It was a ton of fun! 

The Menu.  Yes, we served it all.  And people got to order.

The Snack Shack's waitresses

I spent countless hours making each wii person to look like the party-goers who were attending.
I guess I have a lot of time on my hands.

Wii bowling.  fun.

Tanner bug.  His poor goopy eyes.  He inherited it from Papa...hopefully he'll grow out of it.

Yes.  That's Tanner's wii character.  Nice huh?

The decor.  That IKEA lamp can be anything, I tell ya.  And notice the bowling trophies to the right.  Yep, thought of everything.

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