Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Members of the family

It was just a laid back week day morning as I was playing with Tanner and talking on the phone with my friend Natalie, when all of a sudden I saw two mice run across the room!  And like most normal people, I jumped up on the sofa and called my husband for help.  I got his voice mail, so I told him in a frantic voice that I was going to buy a cat.  And that was exactly what I did. (after buying a million mouse traps first, of course)  My mother-in-law, bless her heart, took time off work to take me over to the animal shelter where we found a sweet little abandoned kitten for sale.  We named her “Mouser” and all I can say is, she better live up to her name!!!!  She lives outside with the dogs and had really made herself into the leader of the pack.  The dogs follow her around like she’s one of them.  Which is good...because Brent figured she’s be eaten by one of them her first day home.  Nope!  Not my Mouser!

Duke and Mouser became fast friends!
Then on Saturday September 27th, we said good-bye to my beloved 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, and traded her in for a 2008 Toyota Hybrid Highlander.  It was a bitter-sweet day for me, since “Meg”, my jetta, was the first car I bought with my hard earned “Phantom of the Opera” money.  I had even paid her off!  It was so sad to leave the dealership watching her sitting there alone in the driveway, knowing I’d never see her again.  I’m pretty sure she feels abandoned.  But she served us well for all these years.  And since Tanner joined our family, we needed to get ourselves a safer car that will fit our growing family.  So welcome to the family “Violet” (said in a sultry french accent).  

Good bye Meg.  ((sigh))

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