Saturday, September 13, 2008

A weekend away.

We decided to take a mini-vaca to Seattle for the weekend in September.  The guys wanted to see the Mariners play and BYU beat WSU.  It was a pretty good weekend.  Two other families joined us: The Copelands, and the Andersons.  Since Natalie and I aren’t really that big of Sports fans...we took our littlest ones to the pool and Seattle Aquarium.  It was pretty fun.  Tanner seemed to like it.  And, of course, Natalie got some really great shots of Tanner with her new lens.  Then when the guys weren’t at the games, we all went to the zoo and a great Italian restaurant.  I love the big city!  Wish I could live there for reals...

Photo shoot at the pool in the hotel

Papa and Natalie M came to the game but left afterwards.  Here's Tanner and Natalie sportin' BYU tattoos.

At one of the games.

Goin' to the children's museum.  Ella wanted to push Ethan in the stroller...much to his embarrassment.

Discovery museum

The Zoo

The Anderson's knew of a good authentic Italian restaurant.  Yep.  I ate everything I could.  When you're nursing you think you have to eat as much as you can.  So I wonder the baby weight is hanging on!

Ella! Eyes like saucers!

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