Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sausage! Sausage! Sausage!

German Sausage Anyone?
So for Oktoberfest our friends, the Andersons, invited us to the city of Leavenworth for a little get-away.  Brent and I wanted to take our new car on a trip somewhere anyway, so we decided to go up Saturday and come back Sunday.  It was a nice trip.  Leavenworth is a German town about an hour and forty-five minutes from Sunnyside.  It’s very cute!   And the german culture is everywhere.  We even had our first and only fill of real honest-to-goodness german food.  Blahk!  Won’t be trying that again!  But it was fun for Tanner to hang out with their son Ian who is just four months younger than Tanner.  They’re little trouble-maker buddies in the making!  

Buddies forever

Leavenworth...worth visiting.

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