Monday, October 20, 2008

Clinic Open House

We had an open house/ribbon cutting ceremony for the new addition clinic where Brent works.  His dad is the official owner of the practice, and started it when he was about Brent’s age.  Now there are two buildings...a general private practice, and a pediatric clinic that serves mostly medicaid patients.  It was the pediatric clinic called “Community Dental” that was just recently added to.  The new addition is 8,000 sq/ft and was an enormous undertaking to build.  Natalie and I were asked to decorate this huge clinic.  And it took us a long time...but we completed most of the decor before the open house.  You can also take a tour of the office by clicking here

The clinic in the building stage.  Looking good.

Some of the staff standing on the newly framed addition.

The 2008 staff at the open house.  Yes, I designed the t-shirts.  

The beginning of the tour

End of the tour.  We had people fill out new patient forms so we could start seeing more patients.

Braces. Ha...maybe a foreshadow of things to come?  Yes, Community Dental will probably be offering braces in the near future

Is this legal?  Mooooooove on over.

The crowd.  Lots of people showed up!

Our two doctors—Brent and Kent—enjoying a friendly game of "knock out" as their patients cheer them on.  I'm rooting for my hubby of course!

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