Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Memory of Duke

I’m not caught up on all that I want to blog about...but I had to take a moment to remember our sweet dog Duke.  He died last night after getting hit by a car.  We are so sad and so sorry that Duke’s life ended so short.  He was a great dog.  So loving and so full of energy.  He loved chasing after small animals, especially squirrels.  So he died doing what he loved...he had a squirrel in his mouth when we found him.  The road we live on is so busy, and Duke loves to find any way he can to get out and chase those squirrels around.  We hope that Duke’s big sister Lola will be okay without having him around.  We love you so much, Duke!  We will miss you.

Duke and Lola

We will miss you little buddy.

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