Monday, October 6, 2008

Harvest time!

So this is my first time experiencing harvest season.  It’s quite the ordeal out here in farm country!  It’s very efficient and organized.  And really quite fun to watch.  Although, after they harvested the corn (which surrounded 2 sides of our house) they then dumped manure all over the field.  Yowsers! Manure is not my favorite smell in the world, that’s for sure! 

Now you see it

Now you don't

One cornstalk stands alone, forgotten.

But then there's the grape harvest.  It’s the only time here in Sunnyside where the air doesn’t smell like cow manure.  It smells like grape!  It’s wonderful--heavenly is more like it.  And it’s really fun to watch the harvesting.  The juicer trucks go back and forth hauling picked grapes while these really super big machines pick the fruit.  Then all the grapes are loaded up in big boxes and sent to juicing companies.  Gary (my father-in-law) who owns Martin vineyards only grows juicing grapes.  I guess he could try his luck at a winery and do VERY well...but, drinking alcohol in the Mormon culture is a little against our beliefs.  So...Welch’s grape is one of the juicing companies that typically buys the grapes from Gary.  I like the grapes too, because they’re so sweet and tasty fresh from the vine!

You see that tiny machine on the horizon?  That's a grape harvester, doing its job.


Then haulin'


(Papa Gary in the Old Navy jacket on his lunch break from the dental office. )
When you live on a farm, you harvest lots of stuff at harvest-time.  So, the day after Halloween, we went over to Nana Katie and Papa Gary’s house to make homemade apple juice.  Yum!   It was quite fun.  The Copelands joined us and it seemed their kids enjoyed the whole process too.  Yey!

Where's my vampire lover?
Look at them apples

Soak 'em

Grab one

and squeeze the crap out of 'em. 

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